Dawn Bratton

lives in the colorful San Francisco Bay Area, where she has found a quiet corner to write poetry and prose that orbits the image of eyes and theme of perception as the gateway to the universe of experience. Always motivating her work is the impulse to illuminate experience through the creative act. 

During 2021 - 2023 she volunteered for WordSwell, a literary organization and online journal based out of Oakland, CA, where she served as secretary and then as vice president; and in 2023, she helped co-found Moon Blossom Collective, an arts and wellbeing community offering workshops and events. 

Her poetry has recently appeared in Oracle, Matter, The Opiate, Modern Literature, The Metaworker, Global Poemic, and Disquiet Arts, among other literary journals. 

Cover image: detail photograph, 5th annual Los Angeles Performing Arts and Folk Life Festival poster 1977, original art by Robert Owen